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Find Your Berkey System



Easy steps to choose your berkey systems!

Berkey Water Filter Canada. 3 Steps & Done With Big Berkey Water Filter.

Step 1: Select Your Housing Size





Berkey® systems are available in seven different sizes. The system you choose should accommodate the size of your space, the number of people you want to serve and the reasons for which you will be using the water (drinking only or also for cooking, hygiene, pets, etc).


For typical daily use, multiply the (# of people in your group) X (.5 gallons). In an emergency, multiply (# of people in your group) X (1 gallon). This is the recommended minimum amount of water you may anticipate using each day.
Go Berkey Kit, Berkey Light System, Travel Berkey System, Big Berkey System, Royal Berkey System, Imperial Berkey System, Crown Berkey System.


Step 2: Consider Your Elements


Berkey® systems come standard with 2 Black Berkey® Purification Elements (except for the Go Berkey® Kit which comes with one element). Each additional set of 2 speeds up the purification process and adds 6,000 gallons in lifespan.
Look at the chart below to see configuration options for each system. Please note that you can order additional sets of Black Berkey®Purification Elements at any time. We recommend having backup sets on hand in the event of an emergency.





Standard 4 Elements 6 Elements 8 Elements
Go Berkey® System  
Berkey Light® System  
Travel Berkey® System  
Big Berkey® System  
Royal Berkey® System  
Imperial Berkey® System  
Crown Berkey System    

Step 3: Add Enhancements

Fluoride and Arsenic Filters

Berkey PF-2™ & PF-2™ Fluoride & Arsenic Reduction Filters for added fluoride and arsenic removal performance.

Berkey Sight Glass™ Spigots

Save time; gauge your water level at a glance

Berkey Stainless Steel Wire Bases™

Elevate for more convenient access to the spigot

Black Berkey Primer™

Prime Black Berkey® Purification Elements

Berkey Shower Filter™

The Berkey Shower filter is designed for those who want the benefits of showering in filtered water